Hot Lunch Program

We are a peanut free school!

Hot Lunch

Running a little late and need help with lunch? Don’t worry, we offer a hot lunch program for $5.50 a day. Using our monthly order form you are able to select which days you would like your child to receive lunch or can even call it in the morning of, all orders must be placed by 9:30.

Warm Ups

If you choose to pack your child’s lunches we are happy to warm up anything that may need heating. Please send your child’s ¬†lunch to school in a microwave safe dish and we will ensure your child has a nice warm lunch to eat!

Sack Lunch

Some families may prefer to send a sack lunch to school. Great Ideas would be to pack 1-2 healthy snacks such as fruit, string cheese, veggies or yogurt, accompanied by a sandwich. We are a nut free school-sunbutter is a great alternative to peanut butter and children love the taste!

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